Sports Fishing Kyuquot Vancouver Island B.C. for Trophy Salmon and Halibut

Fish Care

SRP Processing

$2 lb Whole Fish

Styrofoam box with cardboard liner $30 each

SRP Processing will filet, portion, skin, and box your catch at the Lodge.  All boxes are air travel approved.

Guests' Salmon are carefully cleaned and left whole for processing and cross border traveling. Halibut, Lingcod and Red Snapper can be fileted with certain identification markings being left with the fish.  Fish are then bagged, labeled and put into a Chest of Ice after each day of fishing ensuring the freshest quality meat.  There are many options for processing your fish after your trip. The fish processing is in Campbell River to drop off and to have them processed and later shipped right to your home is a great choice.  St. Jean's Campbell River  
Fishing Care Fishing Storie Charters

The fish can be processed in a variety of different ways: 
- Canned
- Smoked and canned
- Hot or cold smoked and packaged in suitable portions
- Cut into steaks and then packaged
- Fillet and package
- Or all of the above

Kyuquot Fishing Processing

    Fishing Storie Charters recommends that each guest bring one 150 quart cooler to pack fish home. If you are flying and want to bring your fish back with you, please check your commercial airlines' policy regarding transporting fish.